Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions, as identified by the version date, apply to all Orders issued on or after that date, unless incorporated into earlier Orders by a bilaterally executed Change Order, or modified by an executed, written agreement between you and an authorized representative of Fairlead. The Order, and the express terms contained therein, including any Special Terms and Condition, these General Terms and Conditions, any drawings, specifications, statements of work, schedules, exhibits, or appendices cited in the purchase order, and any identified Fairlead Customer or U. S. Government Flow-down clauses from the Prime Contract constitute the entire agreement between you and Fairlead.

Your written acknowledgement of the Order, commencement of any ordered performance, or acceptance of any Order related payment, constitutes your acknowledgement of having read, understood, and accepted unequivocally these General Terms and Conditions.

These General Terms and Conditions are effective as of the “Version Date” set forth on the document and identified below; however, Fairlead reserves the right to change these General Terms and Conditions at any time and provide appropriate notice to you. For active Orders, Fairlead will provide written notice by means of a formal Change Order, which when formally acknowledged, signifies your acceptance of the revised General Terms and Conditions.

Fairlead PO Terms & Conditions – July 2022

Fairlead PO Terms & Conditions – March 2021