Pipe fitter 1st Class

03 May 2024

Duties and Responsibilities:

· Performs layout, fabrication, installation, testing and repair pipe systems

· Fits pipe and properly prepares joints for welding to meet the specific requirements of the system on which work is being done.

· Works from blueprints and makes fabrication sketches from which another mechanic could fabricate a unit of pipe

· Lays out and figures off set bend and rolling offset bends

· Make up flanges a proper sequence and material required

· Read blueprints and drawings related to the job

· Set up and operate burning torch

· Fabricated and design pipe hangars

· Test piping systems and air and water

· Conduct actions and work behaviors according to safe shipyard practices

· Tack weld, Silver brazes, soft solder and burn

· Install simple systems without blueprints

· Work with all materials and sizes of pipe and tubing

· Lay out all piping systems

· Run pipe bending machines

· Evaluate joint allowance and build the piping systems within the required tolerances

· Construct dimensionally correct mockup for offsite prefabrication.

· Work with all types of pipe joints, welded, screwed, soldered, glued, and all types of materials

· Able to effectively use hand tools and power tools associated with the trade

· Train insubordinates and supervise crew

· Adherence to industry codes, specifications, and regulations

· Work independently to complete responsibilities

Required Qualifications:

· 5 or more years of marine pipefitter work as a first-class pipefitter 5 or more years Nuclear or Power plant experience Working Environment: Candidates will be installing new piping systems and repairing and replacing existing pipe systems onboard US Navy vessels. Candidates will also be working with various piping systems to include hot and cold potable water, air and gas, fuel hydraulic cht, etc.

Required Skills:

· Able to read and interpret ship piping drawings

· Experience fitting carbon steel, CRES, and copper nickel piping

· Qualified to end prep piping be hand and/or with mechanical hand tools

· Knowledge in installing pipe hangar

· Braze and tack weld qualified if required by ordering department

Required Tools:

· E110 Hex Wrench

· 1 1/2“ Chain Wrench

· 14” Pipe Wrench (2)

· Vice Grip Pliers

· Channel Lock Pliers (Straight Jaw)

· 3/8” to 1 1/8” Combination Wrenches

· ½” Drive Ratchet

· ½” Drive Sockets (3/8” to 1 1/8”)

· Slotted Blade Screwdriver

· Phillips Blade Screwdriver

· 8” and 10” Adjustable Wrenches

· Pipe Scribe

· 8”, 10” and 12” Half Round Files

· Hack Saw

· 1/8” to 1 1/8” Tubing Cutters

· Center Punch

· Ball Peen Hammer (alb)

· Rawhide Mallet

· 9” Torpedo Level

· 6’ Folding Ruler

· 2’ Square