Fairlead Awarded ADR Trailer Prototype from ERDC for USAF

15 August 2015


Portsmouth, VA – Aug 2015  On behalf of the US Air Force, the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) awarded Fairlead Integrated with the Airfield Damage Repair (ADR) Trailer prototype contract. The ADR Trailer prototype directly supports the Airfield Damage Repair Modernization Program.

The ADR Trailer Prototype will be a towable trailer, roughly 16ft x 18ft, and will store all necessary tools to support rapid runway repairs. Due to strike attacks and everyday wear and tear, quick and durable repairs are a critical factor to ensure proper landing of military fighter aircraft.

Fairlead designed the ADR Trailer Prototype to ensure easy accessibility and storage for all materials and equipment. Additionally, the ADR Trailer will have to meet the air transportability requirements for C-5, C-17, & C-130 aircraft.

Fairlead directly understands the ERDC Airfield Damage Repair Modernization Program requirements, as the company has been involved with the prototype design & production of both the Airfield Damage Repair Kits and Sustainment Pavement Repair Kits.

For more information on the ADR Program, contact Todd Babcock at (757) 392-2831 or tbabcock@fairleadint.com.

About Fairlead Integrated

Fairlead Integrated is a veteran-owned, small business that focuses on integrated electrical and control systems, large-scale mechanical fabrications and structures, precision machined metal components and subsystems, and advanced mobile containerized products. Fairlead is ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100D Certified and continues to provide services and products that support mission critical systems in the U.S. Navy Fleet of Surface Combatants & Submarines.