Miller IMG Announces Name Change to Fairlead Integrated

PORTSMOUTH (June 20, 2014) – Miller IMG, a prominent Hampton Roads-based maritime integrated solutions company, is now Fairlead Integrated. Founder Jerry Miller, a veteran in the ship repair industry in the region, will continue to lead a team of experienced engineers and other professionals as CEO.

A nautical fairlead is common but important shipboard deck equipment used to safely pass lines under strain to a secure mooring position on a pier. Miller chose the new name because, like an actual fairlead on a ship, his organization will help guide a client with challenging technical requirements and schedule demands to an appropriate product solution.

“Today is a new beginning for our company and the time is right to rebrand our business,” says Miller. “We just invested $5 million in a new facility and equipment that significantly expands our machining capabilities and essentially doubles our fabrication and integration footprint. Further I have established a new Advisory Board reporting to me consisting of VADM (ret) Dave Architzel and RADM (ret) Joe Kernan. The Board will help us strengthen our position as a leading supplier of turn-key integrated solutions in our existing maritime market and new markets we are exploring.”

The name change comes two years after Miller sold the ship repair divisions of his company, Earl Industries, to General Dynamics. In 2012, Miller retained two divisions of the Earl company – Precision Manufacturing & Integration and Integrated Power & Controls – and together they became Miller IMG.

At Fairlead, Miller and his more than 200 employees will still build integrated electrical and control systems, large-scale mechanical fabrications and structures, precision machined metal components and subsystems, as well as, advanced  mobile containerized products. Today Fairlead’s products are part of mission critical systems in the U.S. Navy’s Nimitz and Ford-class aircraft carriers, Virginia-class Submarines, the Littoral Combat Ship and many classes of support and auxiliary ships of the Military Sealift Command, the Maritime Administration, and the U.S. Coast Guard.

“The only change our customers will notice is the new name and logo,” says Fairlead President Milo Hyde. “There will be no disruption to our workflow, services or performance on contracts. In fact, the new name only enhances our direction and focus. We want customers to think of Fairlead as an innovative company that can engineer and design solutions to complex and challenging problems and be their fairlead to an exceptional product.”



SAFE PASSAGE Earl Industries founder Jerry Miller has settled into leading a smaller version of his company

Reference by Reynolds Hutchins